Climate Change & WASH

Climate change is already causing erratic weather events across the world. Prime hazards for the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector would be experienced through erratic weather events, increased frequency of droughts, flash floods and heat waves. The direct impact will adversely affect quality and availability of drinking water, critical infrastructure and hygiene and sanitation services. These threats will unequally affect the most vulnerable sections of the society that is children, adolescents and women. The key to such a situation would be the increased resilience in the form of developing ability of target groups in households and community systems to anticipate manage and overcome shocks and cumulative stresses. Enhanced resilience should be done by strengthening the governmental plans, guidelines and policies to incorporate a climate lens, when looking at risks and hazards. Hence, programs on this theme will explore how the current governmental and non-governmental schemes contributing to SDG goals on WASH and Climate Change can be integrated and inter-linked while encouraging community action and building resilience especially among children, adolescents and women.

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