Nutrition & Food Security

India has seen tremendous growth in the last few decades, and more specifically in the MDG era. However, despite the economic growth and high public investment in food and nutrition, India’s 15% of the population (194.6 million) remain hungry and undernourished as per the Hunger Report-2015). The country is home to over one-third of the world’s stunted (chronically malnourished) children and around 38.4 percent of India’s children under 5 years, are stunted. There has also been an increase in the childhood wasting from 19.8% to 21% during the last decade. India is also prone to numerous human made and natural disasters. These disasters and emergencies compound the vulnerability and hamper the accessibility and availability of safe and nutritious food to the people. The current food, nutrition and health situation in the country requires a high level of political commitment and emergent actions specifically aligned with the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals and the World Health Assembly targets. The SDGs targets build on the progress made by countries on the MDGs and require us to achieve significant success in improving health and reducing poverty by 2030. It is therefore, imperative to identify undernutrition and hunger hotspots and address various forms of exclusion resulting in inequitable access to basic rights, social attainments, capabilities, development, and dignity outcomes. Convergence and cross-sectoral action provide a financially prudent and more sustainable means to desired impact. Various stakeholders need to maximize their contribution to problem solving and social development, in an environment of improved accountability.

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